Differences between a Jacket, Blazer and Suit

Differences between a Jacket, Blazer and Suit

Whoever said that women’s fashion apparels are confusing has obviously not heard of men’s various jackets conundrum and the confusion surrounding them. It’s not just about t-shirts and shorts for men. Suite Jackets, Blazer Jackets and Sports Jacket (or Sports Coat) are the three main apparels that are creating this confusion. Most men have no idea what the difference between the three of them is and use the term interchangeably. It doesn’t help either that the sellers also have no clue as to how each one differs from the other two. Why should someone bother to know the difference, you ask? That would be because each of these three jackets has a different level of formality and hence should be worn accordingly. This will also solve the overdressed/underdressed anxiety to some extent.

The Suit Jacket

The Suit Jacket, as the name suggests, is the one that comprises of the suit along with the trousers and sometimes a waistcoat. It is the most formal means of clothing possessed by men. They are fitted and more constricted than either of the other two jackets. But the easiest distinguishing feature of a suit jacket is that it comes with the trousers that are made of exactly same cloth. They are meant to be worn together as an ensemble, and it is advisable not to wear the suit jacket with denims or such as a blazer. This is so because it will eventually fade and won’t match with the trousers anymore, defeating the whole purpose of a suite.

A Blazer

A blazer is a semi-formal jacket which is great for occasions when you might have to dress down but still look professional. It is much less constricting and is ideal to be worn at any casual events due to its relaxed fitting. The navy colored blazer was first introduced into the British Navy by the royal decree and with some alterations found its place in the 21st century, due to the way it highlights a man’s built. It is quite versatile and usually comes in navy color only. Its distinguishing feature is the buttons that are made of materials like mother-of-pearl, gold, and silver.

Sports Coat

Traditionally worn by upper-class Englishmen, it was hunting apparel. It is thicker, to protect the British from the elements in the 1800s and sometimes has an elbow patch and silt, which, back in the day, provided ease during the hunting or shooting sport but now just serve as a style statement. It is loose fitted and can easily be pulled over a sweater, a quality that the other two lack. The main difference between it and a blazer is that sports coat is usually made up of patterned cloth like flannel and tweed whereas blazer is most often than not navy colored or occasionally bottle green or red as well. Sports coat is often worn beneath colored trousers and is often considered as casual wear.

So, now that you know, pick your favourite.

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