6 Tips to Help Parents Purchase Children’s School Uniforms Online

6 Tips to Help Parents Purchase Children’s School Uniforms Online

Many people like the convenience of shopping online because it is often less expensive and they can do it whenever they have some spare time without having to leave their home. No matter what you’re looking for, you can probably find it online. If you need to buy school uniforms, this information will help you buy them online.

Know Your Needs

Before you begin shopping for school uniforms, find out exactly what you need. If your son or daughter is starting school for the first time, know what the school considers acceptable colours and styles for shirts, pants, shorts and skirts. Most schools will provide parents with information about the uniforms their school has selected for their students, so use it as a guide when shopping online.

Measure for Size

Don’t guess your child’s clothing size, but measure them to ensure you know what size to order when you shop online. Many children grow taller and put on weight during their school break, so last year’s uniforms may not fit. Measure their height when they don’t have shoes on, check their inseam, then measure around the hips and waist so you know the correct uniform sizes.

Consider a Larger Size

Young children grow quickly and they can easily outgrow their uniforms before the end of the school year. To save money and keep from needing to buy larger uniforms, consider purchasing your child’s uniforms a size larger than what they currently wear. You can temporarily hem the length of trousers or school shorts and tighten their belts so the waist and tucked shirt doesn’t look too big for them.

Read Returns Policy

As you’re shopping, read the policies on each website, especially the returns policy, before placing an order. If the items arrive damaged or if you need to exchange sizes, make sure you’re able to send the item back to the seller and get a credit or exchange the item. Don’t skip the fine print on sales or clearance items because sometimes they cannot be returned.

Use Secure Sites

With hacking and phishing scams costing businesses and consumers billions of dollars every year, you need to protect your personal and financial information by making sure you are using secure websites. It is easy to find out if a site is secure because you may see a padlock icon on the right side of the page, the site may include the words “Approved by” along with the name of a credit card company, or there will be other icons or signs indicating the site is secure.

Wash Before Wearing

Although you should have your children try on the clothes you’ve ordered before removing the tags, you should wash them before they are worn to school. Wash the clothes in cool to cold water with a good-quality detergent to prevent the clothes from shrinking or fading.

By washing them, you are removing any dyes or chemical residue that could be sticking to the fabric and possibly irritate young, sensitive skin. By following these tips, you can feel good about shopping for your children’s school uniforms online.

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