Wear this to your office party

Wear this to your office party

Every woman probably thinks that she has nothing to wear. The problem gets even bigger when it comes to attending office parties of any sort. A casual dress is just not stylish enough, while suits make you look too uptight. Instead of giving into despair,choose some of these stunning outfits for your next office party.

Festive Blazers

Party blazers can be easily paired with any outfit to make it look festive but professional. Pair your party blazer with a bright work dress and a statement necklace and still look both formal and ready to party. Pair it with a jumpsuit, a sequined top or a leather skirt and extend the looks of your weekend clothes and make them appropriate for a formal party. Additionally, you’ll be surprised how often you will wear party blazers in many different combinations. You’ll even wear some of them out.


Stylish Party Dress

Choosing an office-appropriate party dress can be a tough task. A bright dress may seem like a good idea and it can feel festive, but it may turn out to be too boring for the party. Lace dresses will make you feel like a lady and elegant, but in some other situations you may feel like getting dressed for a wedding. The best solution is having a few party dresses in your closet that look stylish and elegant, but have neutral colors and patterns. Also, you want to pay attention to cleavage and hem length. Bareshoulders and strapless dresses are not recommended for office parties, but you can always cover your shoulders with a party blazer or a cardigan. If you add a simple statement necklace or a pair of hanging earrings, your outfit will be luxurious but still formal enough.


Party Skirts

Skirts are one of the easiest pieces of clothingto buy and combine with others. You can choose a formal pencil skirt and pair it with a bright blazer and matching heels or you can choose a fancier skirt but tone it down a little bit on top and shoes. Also, keep the hem length formal and office-appropriate, so you would still look professional but comfortable. Note that some skirt models overlap with both office and party styles, so you can pair them with different accessories for different occasions and save some money.

Lace, Leather and Sequins Tops

Such tops are usually not appropriate during the work week. However, you can break this rule when it comes to office parties. For instance, wear a sweater with a few sequins on it or even wear a sheer sequined camisole. To complete the look, you can pair them with simple party pants and a fuzzy cardigan. The same goes for a leather top, just make sure not to go over the top with this material and sequins. All-sequin leggings or a dress are too much for an office party. Leave those for a night out with your friends.


When it comes to office parties, dress codes can be benta bit. However, you can easily get carried away, so make sure to stay simple, moderate and maintain a dose of professionalism.

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