Diving into Independent Fashion and Creativity

Diving into Independent Fashion and Creativity

There is no doubt that the Web has given rise to a huge number of memes, Internet “stars,” trends and businesses. The barriers to entry in business are truly at an all-time low, and nearly anyone can now put a website together and start selling their wares. Of course, just putting hanging out the “open for business” sign doesn’t necessarily translate to automatic success, even in the online world. Even though the Web has produced a wide range of overnight “stars” and sensations, being successful still requires hard work, dedication and a unique angle. Indeed, one could argue that as the Web has become a part of daily life, the signal to noise ratio has increased so much that it is essential to create a unique product or persona in order to cut through all the chaos!

A New Take on Fashion and Business Using New Communication Tools

Even though the Web means that everyone can throw business ideas and products into the worldwide mix, the ideas that are most successful tend to be the ones that are driven by a singular creative vision and dedication to succeed despite the odds. In this brave new world of online commerce and high-speed communication, a growing number of young and adventurous fashion designers are putting their ideas forward and making their unique visions work.


For example, the cutting edge Goth and heavy metal-inspired youth fashions produced by mylittlehalo.com are representative of a movement towards using the Internet as a way of not only selling products that are a result of the unique and inspired vision of a single clothing designer from the UK, but also as a way of communicating with fans and customers that involves communication tools never before seen in human history!

By using the power of social media and high-speed global communication, this new wave of alternative fashion designers and entrepreneurs is speaking intimately with customers like never before. This sort of real-time feedback affects both the way the business is run and the types of fashions produced. Rather than sitting in an ivory tower away from the crowds, today’s designers and creatives are truly in tune with what the customer wants.

A New Creative Wave

It is no exaggeration to state that through a combination of unique vision and creativity and the power of the Web to bring people together from all walks of life, an entirely new type of business has been created where a single person nurturing an adventurous and creative vision can thrive and succeed.


In many ways, the new digitally connected environment has not only encouraged the explorations of creatives on a global scale. It has also engineered a unique tribal mentality where creative people from all walks of life and in all fields can collaborate and contribute to an entrepreneurial culture that is singularly focused on self-expression, within the parameters of a business culture that is driven by customer interaction.

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