What’s in a handbag?

Referring to the title, this is one question that most men we know may ask in varying situations only to be confronted with glaring eyes at the other end. Women have always had an enduring affair with handbags. In this context, Iris Apfel’s legendary quote comes to mind- More is more and less is a bore. Or even in Anna Kendrick’s words, To me, accessorizing is the most fun part of an outfit…I do love jewellery and handbags more than anything. The first, of course, is a topic for a different discussion but the second is definitely something that dominates every fashionista’s daily feed.

Enough with the wordplay though; ladies handbags are here to stay and stay they will with the multitude of styles, designs and embellishments that are at your disposal today. Ladies handbags are primal fashion accessories. Whoever instructed men down the ages to refrain from looking inside a lady’s handbag was wise enough. Where else would all the keys, essentials, cosmetics, tissues, gadgets and a few other things (ahem) go?

And of course, most handbags online are now evolved style statements which is a far cry from the simple functional fashion of yore. There are ladies handbags for every occasion and outfit available these days. When it comes to our contemporary fashion gurus or global celebrities, handbags are definitely a pivotal part of their looks. Thanks to them, brands like Givenchy (preferred by celebs like Ellie Goulding, Kim Kardashian and Naomi Watts), Proenza Schouler (Hilary Duff) or even Celine Nano (Kourtney Kardashian) continue to tingle the imaginations of women worldwide (no we aren’t exaggerating for the sake of titillation!)


Closer home (or earth), there are several kinds of handbags online that you’d like to take a look at. Totes are larger handbags with twin handles and banish zips completely. They are usually crafted from stuff like jute, nylon, canvas or even leather. Clutch purses are versatile and popular options for all the ladies out there. They are compact and some even claim to totally fit in your palm if that works for you. These are ideal for carrying mobile phones, keys and tissues unless you have an avalanche of other stuff to carry in which case totes would be a better solution. Satchels are another stylish option with flat and wide bottoms and double handles to boot. These look chic courtesy fine leather and PU detailing and are considered classy accessories.

Cross sling bags are more for the millennials courtesy their youthful and peppy vibe. They are easy to carry and come in a variety of colors and design patterns. Metal heads have also been known to further accessorize these with metal chains and other killer stuff (no we aren’t kidding). Wristlets are also in demand amongst women who like tiny purses with tinier handles to attach around their wrists. Talking of ladies handbags, it is important to consider the kind of material you’re opting for, particularly if you are that academic about fashion!

Canvas handbags online would be good bets for their lightness and relatively cost effective prices. Yet, the downside is that these are not waterproof (rain dances anyone?). Polyurethane is also light enough and looks quite similar to leather. These materials are perfect playing fields for printed, quilted and embroidered designs.

Leather, of course, is the holy grail of ladies handbags and offers polished and chic finishing along with requisite toughness and durability. Yet, leather handbags may feel a bit heavy on your person as well as your wallet! Environment crusaders will love jute handbags which are light weight and compatible with embroidery and other embellishments. However, these bags are not suited for carrying heavier loads and are not waterproof as well. You may take a look at faux leather options on a tighter budget.

When it comes to color and type suggestions, tan, brown and black work smoothly when it comes to complementing regular and formal workplace outfits. You should take a dekko at handbags which are a little bigger and offer space for all your daily essentials in this regard. For partying or a night out, you would do well to carry smaller and lighter handbags with embroidery or other embellishments including stone work.

Minaudieres or box clutches would be good options in this regard. Coming to colors in this regard, the world is literally your oyster with options like green, pink, blue, orange, beige and more at your disposal depending on the contrast/coordinated look you choose.  Canvas and polyurethane handbags are light and ideal picks for those casual outings and movie dates with the girlfriends or even the hubby (he shouldn’t mind carrying these!).

There are several ladies handbags available for all fashionistas out there at StalkBuyLove. Pick out handbags online in myriad colors, styles, designs and types tailored to suit every taste, need, style and mood. To cut a long story short, if you’ve still been asking the titular question, Michael Kors deemed it necessary to create an entire gifting guide dedicated to handbags on Valentine’s Day for the benefit of boyfriends.

That answer the question? J

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