Protect Your Skin This Winter

Protect Your Skin This Winter

Fall and winter months can be even harsher on your skin than the summer’s glaring sun.  While we all know how important it is to wear sunscreen in the summer, it’s just as critical in the dry, windy fall and winter months. Let’s explore the two key facets to protecting your skin.

First, no amount of moisturizer, sunscreen, cleanser or diet can come close to the value of hydration when protecting our skin. A trip to Sam’s Club to stock up on water will be worth every dime.  Without a continuous supply of water every day, skin begins to dehydrate.  Many of the fine lines on our face and hands can be attributed to a lack of water.  Don’t confuse the value of water with soda and caffeine which actually serve to dehydrate skin.  If water is too boring, jazz it up with a slice of lemon, lime cucumber or other creative additive. Don’t be tempted to add flavored sugar packets as this again defeats the purpose of pure hydration.

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Want that radiant glow of healthy skin? After hydration, the next step is cleansing and moisturizing.  We’re exposed to an abundance of pollutants outside and poor air quality in offices and many homes each day. This takes a toll on our skin. While makeup removal is essential, cleansing pores is just as important. Select a gentle cleanser for your face and a body wash with extra moisturizer for the fall and winter months.  Many of the higher quality facial moisturizers are available with an SFP rating that will not only moisturize the skin, but protect it from the sun’s harmful rays. Don’t stop with facial moisturizers.  Select a whole body moisturizer that will combat dry, windy fall days.  Your skin will thank you!

Establish a daily routine of water consumption, rigorous cleansing and generous whole body moisturizing coupled with SFP and you will have set the foundation to achieving that radiant healthy skin for years to come.

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