Running Shoe Types for the Ardent Fitness Freak

Running Shoe Types for the Ardent Fitness Freak

Running for fitness is the latest fad for health freaks. It comes as a surprise to them when they find out the amount of thought that goes into choosing ideal and comfortable shoes. Athletes, fitness freaks, joggers and hikers are bound to agree upon the importance of finding a “friendly” pair of shoes. What makes the experience safe and comfortable for their feet takes a little evaluation and effort. Let’s look into some of the most popular types of running shoes –

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  • Cushioned Shoes – Shoe companies design these kinds of pairs for those who need stability as opposed to motion control. There is greater potential for quick movements and flexibility. Various materials like air and gel are used to add the “cushioning effect” to the key areas under the sole. These shoes have a curved base and are perfect for the casual runners who prefer comfort over everything else. Super cushioned shoes are also available on request. These running shoes come in categories to suit the needs of the pickiest of customers.

Cushioned Shoes

  • Barefoot Shoes – The choice of running shoes is something that people perfect with age and experience. Barefoot shoes have bare minimum cushion, leaving very little gap between the person’s soles and the ground. Most people find it weird to wear these shoes until they get the running experience out of them. The feel of feet hitting the concrete, while keeping the feet protected, is exhilarating for most of them. Surprisingly, people report fewer injuries and quicker weight loss while sporting these types of shoes as compared to other styles.

Barefoot Shoes

  • Stability Shoes – The most conventional choice since ages, these shoes offer plenty of comfort while keeping the feet support in check. Even within this category, one has to specify between moderate or high level of motion-control shoes. The smallest difference in the level of support can leave an impact. One should go through various guidelines and reviews even within this category.

Stability Shoes

  • Motion control Shoes – Some trainers and runners are subjected to a risk of overpronation, which tilts their activities towards caution. They can get a knee injury or pain which can last for a long period of time. To counter this, they could opt for maximum support or motion control running shoes. These shoes have a stiff heel for support and a well-protected inner midsole. Those who have a flat keep will develop a special kinship with the rigid motional control shoes. As for durability, these pairs will last for years if maintained with care.

Motion control Shoes

There are plenty of online advisors that prevent buyers from wasting money on the wrong products. We suggest that the shoppers keep it wise and stylish while hunting for their favorite pair – there are plenty of amazing options to pick from. You can check out some great shoes at

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