The Charm of Three Stone Princess Cut Diamond Rings

The Charm of Three Stone Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Three stone engagement rings have been rising in popularity and are in great demand these days. People love to buy these as their engagement rings so that they can seal their love relationship. They are certainly alluring and offer variety of designs and styles to suit every personality. Moreover, a three stone diamond ring when topped by a princess cut make it a royal engagement ring that anyone can go for. Princess cut is the second most popular and in demand cut shape of a diamond. The face of this cut is can be either rectangle or square; however, the side shape is similar to that of an inverted pyramid.

When selecting a ring that represents and celebrates the love you share, three stone princess cut engagement rings are the perfect ones that you can pick.

Story behind a Three Stone Ring:

Other than the traditional solitaire, a three stone diamond ring holds several different meanings. Many couples select this design as Bridal Three Stone Rings stand for “past, present and future” for them. If we talk about the other meaning of a three diamond ring, it symbolizes “love, friendship and fidelity”. So, if you want to give a unique implication to your engagement ring, the three stone rings are just perfect.

The princess cut was often compared with the round brilliant that has a circular face. If we talk about the symbol of a princess cut, it symbolizes boldness, independence and confidence. For those who would want to stand out of the crowd, a three stone princess cut ring is a choice that you will treasure for lifetime.

Princess Cut Settings:

A princess cut shape is often installed in a setting that defends the four corners of the diamond. It could be arranged in variety of settings. Some of these are mentioned below:

Diamond Solitaire – It is one of the classic engagement ring designs that is held a little above the ring’s surface with the help of metal prongs.

Pave Setting – It is quite similar to that of the solitaire setting, but the band of a pave is lined with smaller diamonds.

Intricate Settings – Such settings enhance the looks of the traditional diamond rings.

Channel Setting – This setting is similar to pave as it features a cluster of small diamonds along the band’s surface. In this smaller diamonds are held by two metal strips.

These are some of the settings in which a princess cut diamond can be set in. In order to keep your princess cut three stone diamond rings in budget, sometimes couples tend to settle these engagement rings with small settings. However, then it becomes difficult to upgrade the diamonds shape or its weight in future. Moreover, with this three stone diamond ring there is even a possibility to include unique color combinations. It can be done by selecting different color in the setting for three stones and a different type of metal can be selected for the mount. This will give the ring a more creative look.

Three stone engagement rings are chosen by couples for their glorious beauty and timeless elegance.

Author’s Bio: Daniel is a diamond expert. He shares his knowledge about three stone and princess cut diamond rings so that those looking to buy it for their engagement can choose the best one.

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